Hello there I’m Ian.

Thought I should add a few words about myself.

There’s nothing dramatic to tell and certainly no rags to riches story. Like how I discovered this magic, undiscovered formula for making millions on the internet.

Actually things are pretty ordinary. The only outstanding points to note are my experiences and the lessons I have learnt in the 78 years I’ve been around.

Like many people in 1960’s I was keen to leave school and start work.

I did that in December 1960 when I began a 4 year deck apprenticeship with Shell Tankers!

This seagoing phase occupied me for about 10 years until I realised that I either had to make a move ashore or spend the next 40 years at sea

Find out a bit more about this in my Kindle book – “Who Stopped the Ship” 

Fast forward 50 years, touching briefly on a bit of study in the UK, working for an Australian shipping company and then a Central Queensland coal mine. 

On the way through I gained some exposure to computers and the things they could do.

Towards the end of this the internet was on the rise and a TV program sparked my interest in building an internet business.

Really? You could make a worthwhile living with an internet based business.

That sounded interesting. It probably sounds interesting to you as well.

Several things about making an income on line appealed:

It did not need much capital
The major ‘investment’ is your time
It could be done from home
The were no set hours
There appeared to be a variety of ways to do it

With this in mind I set out on a mission to find out how.

My interest might have been sparked but my internet knowledge was very limited.

Google searches revealed there were ‘millions’ of things on offer – both ‘courses’ and ‘dollars.’ Many offers suggesting you just had to invest in their course. You would make a million dollars in no time at all!

Like so many people I did just that – ‘invested.’ Money and a lot of time. Maybe you have done that too – only to find that the ones making the ‘millions’ are those selling the courses.

There were ebooks, training courses, building websites, affiliate marketing programs and downloads and finally selling products on Amazon. All worked for me in some way or another but nothing produced a sustainable income stream.

Honesty and integrity often seemed to be in short supply.

It soon became apparent that the online world was no different to the real world – there were good, bad and indifferent characters.

You just had to hope you picked a good one. That was not always straight forward. It’s easy to masquerade as something else online.

Finding where and how to begin is a really big hurdle. Initially you are on your own. To start I was very cautious. Cautious spending money and cautious regarding my identity online. Gradually I have gained confidence and am now more relaxed about it. Just remember to be sensible.

The first significant purchase I made was to buy a  10 week course on how to build a website. (You can now get FREE access here)  

This proved to be a good choice. The training was good, it was comprehensive and was supported by excellent documents and some community help.

I learnt the basics about keyword research, how to build a WordPress website and then how to get it up and running. It took a long time and a lot of effort.

Finally there was the excitment of seeing my efforts alive on the internet. I now owned a domain!

No profit though – the money did not roll in as I thought it might. More importantly I learnt a lot and just knew it could work.

Being of a technical bent the technology and simplicity of creating WordPress sites intrigued me. All I can say is don’t get too distracted by what are commonly called ‘Shiny Objects.’ They are everywhere out there.

Important things I learnt include:

You need to pick a niche and stay focussed.
You need to be prepared to learn new things and accept guidance
You need to have a website of your own
You need to have technical assistance and support
You need to find someone online you can trust.

Someone to refer to, someone to bounce ideas off, someone who has the ability to steer you in the right direction because they have been there already.

So if you’re interested in using Private Label Rights (PLR) material for your niche Arun Chandran is certainly someone to note.

Arun has a unique and direct style with all he does. He produces some of the best PLR material available together with some excellent free training and tutorials.

My aim, over time, is to provide a selection of good quality PLR that will enable you to build a worthwhile business.

I trust you find something on this site to help you with your online aspirations.

If you want to get in touch feel free to contact me here.


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